Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby its.. STILL... cold outside!!!

This blog was suppose to be for camp, but a lot of things have been happening and I got more and more behind. Even though my blog days are Sunday, I really want to blog.

SEY was very generious (gets all excited b/c I love that store) and supplied me with some awesome items. I wanted to thank them and showcase some of their outfits that are NOT only for adults. Heres a LOTD ideas for some cooler weather wear and for the not so foo foo girls, as well as boys.
[ I  W a s  R e a d y  F o r  C a m p  H e r e ]

{Shirt} - Winter Camp Shirt
{Jeans} - SEY - overall-writer (just the pants)
{Jacket} - SEY K.D.Vest
{Boots} - Naughty
{Jewelry} - N3F (can't find lm)
{Drummer suitcase in 1st pic} - SEY

[ R e a d y  T o  H a n g  W i t h  M y  D a d  ]

{Shirt & Jacket} - SEY - Buttoned Hoodie
{Boots} - SEY - Layer's boots[C]Check
{Jewelry} - LacieCakes - Piper Necklace

[ R o c k i n g  M y  F a v o r i t e  C o l o r s ]

{Shirt} - - Crewneck Tee
{Jeans} - EmJay (store closed)
{Jacket} - SEY - nel-shirt
{Scarf} - Miel
{Boots} - Reek

[ R e b e l  I n s i d e  o f  M e ]

{Shirt} - - Crewneck Tee
{Jeans} - Kari - John Doe
{Jacket} - SEY - Denim jacket & hoodie
{Boots} - League - Shin Boots
{Cards & Star Tattoo} - LacieCakes


  1. dangit! *cracks open her piggy bank*!

  2. Awe I love SEY! Good to know that I'm not the only girl child that shops there :p

  3. ty daddy and haha Audra. I know, i had to break out my dad's credit card... i hope he doesn't see the statement!!! YIKES! and yay Nara. I LOOOOVE that store. Theres so much I would love to have!!!