Friday, February 11, 2011

Oooo Love, Love, and More Love

Hii Everyone! We are back and fulla love. I really like this time of year its when you get reminded that your cared about and get to remind other people that you care about them! I took along some of mine peeps with me tonite while we hit the FLF, it was so much fun just hangin out and shopping , and I even dragged my heart around me with me  * he even modeled for us Yayyy! *  So onto the totally adorable cuteness and don't worry boys I even got a cuteness outfit for you!  
 In this picture We have four totally cute outfits you have to get from Larnia Kids and Dream Doll, The two in the middle are JunkfoodMonkey and Fluttery from Larnia kids, and the two on the end are Oliva and Jennah from Dream Doll.  
Totally gotta have em right??? Okay Now  I know that some times if your like me your spend forever looking for the right footware, shoes socks it doesn't matter you need some cute things! We have just what your looking for and to quote  Joshy " only on FLF would you buy socks" let me show you why he did  :p In this pic we have  some cute slouchy socks from Dice, they have some cuteness there and they are a unisex store so boys don't be afraid to get some cute socks. The Pair of shoes is from Larnia Kids, and called Go Punk , Im  a girl that loves skulls so I hadda have em.
Okay Now on to two more gotta have items , Wheelys come from the store Wheelys/HomeGoods and who doesn't need any skating shoe that you can wear while at school or in the halls, yanno gettin to classes on time and  stuff is super important so I know you need skate shoes to help you , in valentines colors, and they also have other colors.  The other pair of socks came from Dream Doll!  I love the googly eyes on these frog socks so snuggly and what a way to relax in your sock feet!
Oot now on to four more outfits, Starting from Left to Right Kyia is modeling the outfit from Babydolls, Called Glitter Heart, Dolly also has some adorable Jewelry to pick up all hearts of course! Now Lola is modeling  Alisha from  Absolute Girls, it's an adorable summery dress time to get out the warmer weather  clothes don't ya think??  Ava is modeling Candy Hearts from Rainy Day Kidz , it has a box of candy hearts and a heart to hold, cuteness right? Now the last outfit is Sundae from InnerPeace, Its a cute skirt and sneaker outfit!

Okay boys I know I promised your total cuteness for the day and here it is thanks Joshy for modeling it for me this outfit is from Larnia Kids called Rocker. and it comes with a watch too! Its awesomeness for you boys! After we spent all night shopping it was time to head home and  relax,  and this is where Kyia and I sat down to read the book  Let's be friends again from the best bookstore for kids, there is Spronkwings Book Store.  The outfit Im wearing is from Baby Couture  Valentine. While we were busy reading  Lola, and Ava sat down to work on Valentines for family and friends They  got the cards from Whimzie

And Lastly to end our Valentines Love Fest of FLF  we have Kyia who totally lost control with her Messy Valentines Stamps from Amame, So cute. I hope you enjoyed the awesomness we found for ya!