Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Journey

Hi Everyone, it's me Kaydia. I just want to really say sorry that I've not been around to stay on top of my blogging. I know, it's so bad... but I really hope to make up for that.

There's one thing I've been noticing in the world of SL and that is most top designers and well known places have completely renovated their sims. After the bustle of the holidays and in to the new year, many folks felt the need to start with a new journey themselves. What better way to embrace new than to redecorate a valued place. I went around to some of the sims that I knew had changed taking pictures and jotting down some of the stores you'll find and what their main stores sell. There are even a couple that are all about the kid community and provide a very important service.

*Please note: If you read this blog and find that your sim was not named it's because I just didn't realize or know yours had changed. I simply went to the ones I knew of. Please do not take it personal. Also, I did not name all of the stores/stalls located on these sims. Thank you.*

Let's start off with what I feel is the core of the kid community and that is Making a Wish Come True Adoption Agency, otherwise known as MAW for many. MAW was established in May 2007 and is ran by Kalle and Maddison Harmison.

MAW is a place for older and newer child avatars to go for safety, for playing, and to find loving families. They recently changed the look of their sim, updating everything and personally I think it's beautiful. Many stores such as Chelsea's Clothing Closet, Babydoll's Boutique, Sassafras Kids and Family Furniture, Larnia Kids, etc. surround the huge fairy tale castle.

My next stop, Oceanside Elementary School (OSE) once located at Little Wonders has now moved to their very own sim at Oceanside Manor (So much love and thanks to Shaylynn Starfall, for that possibility).

Jill Caldera and Gattz Gilman are the owners and principals of this amazing school. Since they've moved to this sim they've been able to add more luxuries and accommodations such as: Dorms (available to any student of OSE free of charge), Skate Park, Playgrounds, Fields, Track, Swimming Pool, Arcade, and just a few places for shopping. If you are looking for a place to learn, grow, and meet new people this is the place to go. 

Shoooooooping, it's one of my most favorite things to do. I know just the place to spend my monies... 

Babydoll's Boutique is one of the most extraordinary places and is chock full of girls clothing. It's a top shopping place for those fashionistas out there. Babydoll Stardust is the creator and owner of this place and she herself is the epitome of what her store stands for. Make sure you check it out. 

 *throws glitter at you*
Here is the list of the other newly renovated and changed shopping sims that I visited.

Abby McDonnagh is the creator and designer of Sassafrass Kids and Family Furniture. She provides a realistic family scene in your homes and rooms, wonderful for RPing. Her new sim makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale, but also it has a very welcoming spirit. This sim is also home to Amame Kids Mainstore and right in front of Sassafrass is a circular trail of small shops of some well-known designers.

 Zosma Island is rich with shopping extravaganzas and is the home of many mainstores such as Inner Peace, Pink Paw Palace, Dream Doll, Whimzie, Giggle Box, Absolute Girls, Posey, and Rainy Day Kids. Not to mention, all throughout the fun paths there are stalls of other kids stores that catch your attention.

I'm thinking that I have almost EVERYTHING from Larnia Kids... ok ok not really, but it sure feels like it. One of the wonderful things about this store is they provide casual, casual dress, and some formal clothing for boys and girls! Rory Larnia and Heath Pevensey produce clothing weekly as much as I brush my teeth and trust me peeps...that's a LOT! Hey boys out there, there's lots of boy clothing as much as there is girl clothing at this store. 
Baby Couture owned and designed by Kylei Benoir has some of the cutest clothes. Connected to her mainstore is Tiny Spaces and Sweet Moments but if you look off in the distance right under the rainbow... you see it? That's Abby Lane Kids Furniture, it's in the next sim over but all managed and owned by Kylei.

Moved to her own precious spot you'll find Candii Kitten located about 1000ft in the air. Candii Destiny has really done an wonderful job on her store and the clothes have just gotten cuter and cuter. She also shares this spot with Sparklez Kidz Mall, so as you walk throughout the brick cobblestone roads you'll find all sorts of different kinds of stores to go crazy in. *grins*
Last but definitely not least... my personal, favorite store because well I LOVE BOOKS...

Sprinkle and Bingle's Spronkwing's Bookstore is from wall to wall full of children's books and if I could I'd go and buy them all. These books created in world by Lola Freenote and JoshuaMatthew Rossini have a lot to say for themselves. The books can actually be read by kids, parents, etc. their pages actually turn and what makes it even more real is the sound affects as you turn the pages.You can put them in your room, the living room or in for teacher's out there you can place them in your classroom! Here I am exploring and going crazy in the store. 


 Well, for now this is all I have. I hope you enjoyed hearing all about the sims that I know of that changed and have grown. If you've not seen them, go check 'em out!! Thanks for hearing me and taking time out for me today, see you next week!! 

Ciao Mein Noodles,


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