Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Your a Firework...

Come on Let your colors burst.... Hiya guys here we are at another 50 L Friday and today there is such an awesometastic variety of things we covered the whole color spectrum! While showin our awesomeness, so watch as alla the colors come out from the awesome creators we have.  First up EVERY prank kit at Whimzie so while I was there I picked up the aquarium prank.. and once I came home I hadda show my colors and turn my bathroom into the best aquarium, * check it I have mine own octopus and penguin now* grins!
Next up Lets talk outfits, we have a few today so Im mixin em up in the pictures.. Check the awesomeness out in this picture from  CCC and Little Wishes  The totally cute one on the left is called Melly and its at Little Wishes it comes with  the shoes.  The one on the right from CCC * Chelsea's Childrens Clothes*  Is called Giselle , and is a totally cute little green and pink outfit. Both are really cute ways to let your colors out!
Next up is this awesometastic dress from BabyDolls. called Kiannanai amd best news it rocks your purple color scope so don't be afraid to rock it out!
The next awesomeness comes from Larnia Kids Georgia, and Mad Skills, two cute~ Girly fits that also manage to appeal to the tomboyish side of you! Don't worry boys Heath has a Mad Skills outfit for you too, and I didn't forget you you have a outfit comin up in a minute :p

*Points* These ways to leave them goin oh oh oh is brought to you by InnerPeace and Designer Kids Juliette and Kierra are at Innerpeace and Jazmine is from Designerkids, a cuteness outfitt for the warmer spring days what else can get you into a mood to get rid of snow right??  Okay I know this long jus a couple more things I promise Here is your way to burst boys with this cute outfit from Little Ones Couture I jus hadda get mine friend Logan to model this little short outfit, What boy doesn't like dinosaurs. 
On to the last outfit of the night what a way to let your color burst then this awesome birght summery outfit from Candii Kitten called Hibisicus adorable n bright right  While your at candii's pick up the OSE messenger bag, Both boys and girls can wear it  *points* there it is!     The hearts come in ose colors from Giggle Box so make sure you grab those too!                                                                                                                                                   
Wind down from shoppin trip with the next couple of things, First up a awesome floor chair from Kids Fusion What a better way to curl up with your favorite book. After your done reading, or watching a movie, get out the toys with this adorable felt set playboard its almost like playing with paper dolls! Cute right this is from Spronkwings Book Store, Check it out. Now this adorable pillow called " Lets Google, comes from Sassafras and comes with a laptop so now you can totally say your doing your homework and fool your parents but you never heard me say that right.... I mean be a Firework and Work hard doin everything your posta * Winks*  Thats all we have today remember Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em all in awe-awe-awe

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  1. Great Post Kenziekins! So much cute 50L Friday stuff today!