Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh what a night!

Heyyyy Everyone So we are back I am thinkin this is gonna be kinda a shorter post then normal Im combining alot and mixin it up some.  There is a ton of total cuteness out there today and boys today we have two outfits for you ! So your not forgotten first off. Whimzie made an awesometastic Rootbeer Party kit, so me and Logan sat around n drank a few cold ones while we worked on this check it out *points up* this kit comes with chips, paper cups, and a keg, plus a six pack, Everything you need for the ultimate party!
Next up our first Boy and girl outfit from the one an only Larnia Kids This outfit is called Kickin it and its adorable for both boys and girls, It comes with these awesome glasses, Makes you look awesomely smart! I love the outfits both boys and girls can wear, especially since I have two brothers! The next boy girl outfits come from Little Ones Couture, The boys outfit comes with a skull and the girls is pink and flowery! Really cute for alla those cute girly girls out there, and I suppose even for the not so girly ones. These outfits rock!
The next item is this adorable pose called besties from BC Munchkins. Its totally chillin and the perfect way to kick back with your bestie!  The next two things come from Sasafrass and Candii Kitten The dress is from Candii Kitten is soo cute and perfect for those lazy summer days or Sundays!  The panda is from Sasafrass and I love Pandas so I hadda have it, Its cute right?'
The next out fit is this adorable outfit from Twiple Twouble, comes with sneakers and cute knee socks!

Our Next two items come from Amame and One I haddda have because it has cookies on it! Who doesnt love cookies, Actually it changed into five different bags, I jus got that one because it had the cookies, but don't fear they have girls, and boys and both there, so you weren't left out!

Okay now the last thing I am sooo sure that mine parents are gonna be glad I caught  while I was out partying tonite doint all our shopping is HeadLice from GiggleBox, It has bugs all over your head that really pop out , Shh Don't tell my parents yet... It just really itches. These lice are controlled with two words, and you can make them go off and on :D Have fun with them!  That's all I have for today! See you next week!


  1. This is just WRONG! Did we really need to see headlice? ffs

  2. LMBO!! The headlice is funny and a part of a childhood. Greeeeeat creativity! Wtg Cindy! It's not wrong, it's funny as heck! loooooooool

  3. I love the head lice ^-^ It adds to the RP