Friday, March 5, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: (5th March 2010)

Happy! Oops, Friday. I have a bit of a hair addiction. :/

At 5 a.m. my time, I flitted all around the grid picking up 50L items and I'm so excited to show you guys what the designers had out for us! I couldn't wear everything at once, of course, but Francii took a few pics of some outfits and will list other unique items I liked with SLurls.

First, I picked up a really cute pose at Baby Couture. I'm so glad BC's creator Kylei Benoir added poses to her collection along with her awesome clothes, because she always makes such cute ones. She has two out this week, both for sleepovers, both 50L.

At Sassafras, I picked up another of the "shabby stuffies" - this one has faerie wings and is so adorable.

Though I couldn't find the 50L item at Glitterati Family Poses, I was SO excited to see all the new poses that are out! They capture family moments so perfectly - I think I'll drag my family outside for a photo shoot this weekend, whether they like it or not. :P

Gigglebox has a Nerp dart gun that's really well made and hilariously fun!

Inner Peace has a really adorable outfit out - it's called Izzyie. I'm wearing it in the picture below. There are other new releases I noticed there, as well. Super cute!

Hair: - Miley - Moody Brown
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

Outfit: Inner Peace - Izzyie (50L)
Bandaids: Reek

I'd never been to Scoop before, but I'm so glad I got to visit it this week. I had to take the LM to the mainstore to find the 50L item, but it was worth it. It's a purse - made of Kool-aid packets! I love unique stuff like this - and who doesn't love Kool-aid?

We've come to expect nothing less than adorable from Babydoll's Boutique and this week is no exception. An outfit perfect for spring and for only 50L! I'm in a jeans-not-dresses phase lately, so I was really excited to see this out.

Hair: - Eloise - Moody Brown
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

Outfit: Babydoll's Boutique - Mariah (50L)
Shoes: Mustache - Moccasins - brown
Mushroom: Aura's (50L)

From ::Emjay:: Kidz, it's this awesome pink top and pink plaid shorts. I heard a rumour there are more colours of these shorts in the works but I've not had that confirmed. :P

Hair: Truth - Heidi - honey
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

Outfit: ::Emjay:: Kidz - Pink knit top, pink plaid shorts
Flip Flops: 0N - black

Not everything came with ads but other stuff I thought was unique from this week's list was:

- Posh Tots - Itching powder (would be perfect for the next camp!)
- So Berrylicious - Ballet outfit with dance AO included
- Sweet Kreations - a chalkboard for your house (think 'milk, bread' grocery list)
- Twiple Twouble - 'Boys stink!' outfit
- Larnia - Lucky Charms colouring table with beanbag chairs
- Prettiful - hamburger/fries jewellery, St. Patrick's Day jewellery
- (as a side note, I think Prettiful does amazing sculpted stuff - check it out!)
- Slumberkidz - sleeping bags (both boys and girls)

From the "grown-up" side of 50L Fridays, I picked up a box of cute poses from (arcade) - thanks to Frannie's recommendation! - and a pack of bright t-shirts from Hoot that I paired with my favourite pair of shorts, in the pic below.

Hair: Truth - Sable - honey
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

T-shirt: Hoot (came in a pack of 5 different colours)
Shorts: Sand Surf Co. - [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts - Dark
Flip Flops: Sand Shack Surf Co. - Freedom Flops - brown
Bag: Scoop - Kool-aid Bag

Hope this helps get you excited for this week's list! See you next Friday and happy shopping!

*all photos by Francii Loxely, cuz she has skillz and i do not!


  1. P.s. Glitterati's pose is out now! It wasn't, this morning when I scheduled this post! Will update later this evening! <3 -Jane

  2. You both have skillz!! (cozy) Amazing post!