Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truth be told I miss you and truth be told I'm lying...

Happ Tuesday everyone! I have a short LOTD but super cute hair place for you all today! AND it's going to be a GLEE post as well! Glee's season premier tonight is on, and I'm SOOOO excited!!

I'm sure a bunch of you watch Glee, it's probably one of my FAVOURITE shows on tv right now (aside from Trueblood). It's actually an amazing show, and if you haven't seen it try watching it. You'll adore it too! (For those who don't know I teach Vocals on the weekend IRL so that's probably WHY I adore it so much haha) SO my first little look up there is a one I tossed together, just based around the Shirt. The shirt I grabbed off SLX actually, it's by Clementine Ishtari so you can just look her up and grab it that way! It's super cute! For hair I'm wearing a hair form Magika from the hair fair releases which you can now grab at the main store. The one I am wearing is Allison (Brown: Chestnut). This hair is unqiue because it's kind of like a mouthie too as you can see, there is a chunk of hair in my mouth. The hair is fully mod so if it doesn't fit when you buy it, don't worry you can make it fit! The skirt I have on is from Babydoll's Boutique and from the Roxana outfit!

If you watch Glee, then you KNOW where this outfit is from! It's the cheer outfit from the show. It's super cute and like the glee shirt I grabbed it off SLX, the Creator's name is SatinG String so you can just look her up and grab it too! It's the full set, pompoms, shoes and outfit! It's sooo cute! The awesome hair is from Magika as well, and like the other is a mouthie too! Just no pig tails!

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Hope your day is amazing and sweet and if you catch Glee tonight, hope you sing nice and loud to it!

I'm leaving you with my theme song of the day...

xoxo, Riley Sapphire

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