Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Autumn Time at Runestone

I love autumn! It doesn't really happen where I live in RL (we have hot, and less hot), so when I stumbled on the Runestone sim, I fell in love with the gorgeous autumn theme. This sim is perfect for taking pictures or just exploring and hanging out with family. The sim is rated M, but I didn't find anything in my adventures to indicate that it wasn't appropriate for kids.

The sim is full of beautiful autumn-like nature, including adorable squirrels, golden leaves, pumpkins and hay-fields. I encourage exploration to find all the gems!

My Gorgeous Autumn Look of the Day
Outfit: Rosie by Vicarious Vitae
Hair: Marianne by Truth
Squirrel: Creative Fantasy Gardens
Location:  Runestone

I'm looking for new, interesting places to blog, so if you know of a family-friendly place I should checkout, please drop me a landmark in world!
<3 Lishi Moonbeam

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