Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh everytime I close my eyes, I see my name in shining lights...

As the warm weather vanishes the pretty autumn colours and hairs are being release. I LOVE Autumn, I'm definitely a beach girl, but Fall holds my heart. It has everything to do with the colours. Right now, I'm ALSO in love with Maitreya's newest release, and I definitely thing you will be too!

 Maitreya released 4 amazing hairs and they're all kid friendly! This one is by far my favourite and it's called Maitreya Uma - Chocolate. For those readers who follow us, you KNOW I love bangs and these are just so cute and so classic looking. I love that it's in a bun and mostly because the bun isn't centred so it gives it a really cute look! If you're in a pageant or in ballet, this bun is amazingly perfect for you!

This other one that is SO cute is called Saar! The bun is awesome on here too and the headband is SO adorable. The awesome pink headband you see doesn't have to stay pink either, it's colour change so you can match it with a lot!

 The two below are SO cute. They're called Miabella (the top) and Lila (The bottom). Both are awesome and totally kid friendly as you can see! The Lila may LOOK like pigtails, but it's totally not. It has a cute little pigtail at the back as well, it's so different and I love it! the Miabella is SO pretty. the hair wisps are very classic little girl, with the messy hairs around the face. It's so beautifully done.

Now for my LOTD today; I grabbed an outfit from a store I haven't personally blogged before. It's an adorable faerie dress from Absolute Girls! It's purple and I love that it's covering and it still has the faerie feel too. The wings are included in the outfit! Now I'm not sure how many of you have bee to Kick the Can. It's an AMAZING place full for doodads and awesome little things. I grabbed my shoes and candy bracelet from there, because really who doesn't like candy bracelets?! The shoes are adorable, they come in multiple styles and colours and the bracelet you can also get in necklace form! definitely check out this shop! For my necklace, I'm sure a lot of us have come in contact or perhaps have a relative with Breast Cancer or a form of Cancer even. Laciecakes has this amazing Wings of Hope necklace. I just love it. I personally have lost two grandparents to Cancer, A friend to Breast Cancer and I have family member who was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer and a few family members who are currently in remission.  So this awareness necklace for Breast Cancer is such a great thing to have.

*AG* Faerie Dress- Absolute Girls
R(S)W Chucks Winged Star Purple- Kick the Can
R(S)W Eatable Candy Bracelet for Kids- Kick the Can
*LC* E (Kids) - Wings of Hope Necklace - LacieCakes

As you all know, we have been looking for 4 new girls to join us! I'm so excited to say that the girls have been picked and you, the readers, will get to meet ALL 4 of these amaazing scribblers next week, starting on Monday! We'll have everything covored, the usual stuff AND a few new topics! So tune in, bare with us this week while we get everything set and I can wait for you to meet these 4 amazing girls. I hope you love them as much as we do!

That's it! Hope your day is perfect and everything you wished for. Make sure you turn in to GLEE tonight!!!

Have an awesome one,


  1. cute blog! WOOO I know who the bloggers are.. They're ____, ____, ____, and ____. :) hehee

  2. ahaha Lowi <3 tysm and OMG Im so so excited!