Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alice the Camel has two go Alice go! (Zoo Neunkirchen)

*Swivels in chair and grins widely* Hello dearies! I get to share part of the exciting news that Riley and Frannie have hinted about... and part of that news is ME! I’ll be joining this group of delightful girlies every Wednesday. *bounces a little* In case you cannot tell, I am very excited!
I’ve love to explore and find amazing places and now I get to share the fabulous kid and family friendly places I discover with you.  I also have my own strange sense of style which I’ll give you a taste of each week as well. A little about me, I just love pink sparkly things along with anything bright and colorful. I’ll wear dresses, but I don’t mind jumping in puddles while wearing them. Momma tends to yell at me about that! I'm pretty shy and a total geek, but I love to be silly around those who I know well.
This week I went to one of the coolest places I’ve been in a while. A ZOO!
I dragged along my mom and my sister, Riley. The Zoo Neunkirchen claims to be the biggest zoo in SL, and I haven’t found anything that proves it’s wrong! All the signs are in German, but if you don’t speak German, don’t worry- you’ll get by just fine because the main fun are the very recognizable animals in their habitats. From penguins to flamingos and meerkats to tigers, this zoo has it all.
As we entered the zoo, Riley and I hopped on Alice the Camel (who only had two humps) for a tour.

Riley & Lishi on Alice the Camel
We made our way through the rainforest cave and found some long lost relatives in the monkey cage... at least Momma swears we must be related.
Family Reunion!
Riles and I dipped our feet in the pond and the next thing we knew, the water was moving and we were on hippo’s noses!
Not-so- Hungry Hungry Hippos
My favorites at the zoo are the penguins. Someday I’m going to go to Antarctica and meet one in their natural habitat, but for now, Pete and I shook hands and chatted.
Lishi, Pete the Penguin and Sally the Seal
As the day ended, we stopped and watched the majestic elephants as they marched across the sunset. 
The Elephant Parade
There’s also areas for picnicking, a chance to feed the ducks and lots of scenery for some cool family photos. I didn't have room to show you all the excitement- I guess you'll have to check it out yourself! Can't wait to hear how you enjoyed your visit to the zoo too!
Lotsa Love,
Lishi Moonbeam

Want to know where we found our fabulous looks? 
On Lishi:
[SC] Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals (L) - Brown
Babydolls Boutique- *BB* SeaShell Anklet (from: *BB* Chlobells bathin suit ensemble) - Safari Shorts
Babydolls Boutique- Beaded SeaSpray bracelet (from: *BB* Delilah in black) -  Melanie. 2 Hair
Jungle Wear - Safari Hat (Olive Brown)- from xsl
Larnia Kids -  Monkey Around Tee (from Monkey Around outfit)
On Riley:
 Truth- Melinda Hair
Wonderkids Jasper Says Relax Shirt
Inner Peace-  Twilight Key and Chain Mouthie (Jasper) (from gacha machine!)
[SC] Surf Couture - Freedom Flops - Dark Brown
Babydolls Boutique-  BabyGirl Denim Skirt


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  2. how in the world did you get the camel to move??? I only got it to go up in the air!