Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game...

Hey readers!

Sorry, I knoowww I normally have my blog out first thing in the morning, but's I've been SUPER crazy busy. BEFORE I start... for the twilight fans out there. ARE you not excited for tomorrow? For those who don't know, Eclipse is in theaters tomorrow, so I'm stoked. OK on to what you really want to read!

Abby introduced you to an awesome hair store yesterday and I went the other day when she mentioned it to me... and I fell in LOOVE so, I figured I'd elaborate a little and show you MY fave's since it's such a great little shop.

 Love Soul is a great place if you love hats and awesome hair! I loove hats so so much, different kind of hats, colours, I LOVE hats! This is called  [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*045*Ash Brown. It's one of the darkest colours offered and so so cute! I love the hat and I adore the big long pigatils. It comes with two bang versions too! It's easily resizable and so perfect for summer!

This is the second one I wanted to show you is called [ Love Soul ] Hair+Cap*042*Mocha. It's a lighter brown. This is actually a super cute hair, it too comes in two bang styles with the hat. It's so simple and so sweet and I love it. It's definitely something you want to have in your inventory girls!


I know I come up with some odd looks. I'm totally aware haha. OK the accessories I have on are all from Lacie Cakes, called *LC* E (KIDS) - Little Princess Set. They're AWESOME with little pink pearls and totally a must have for ALL princesses. My top is form wonderkids! The Vegan zombie top, I'm a vegetarian for all of you who don't know that. I have been for about 9 years now. My skirt, socks and shoes are from Babydoll's Boutique. The skirt and socks are from the *BB* Annalyssa in birdy outfit, which is right now, my fave! The shoes are from two different outfits, *BB* Genie Bunny Outfit & shoes and *BB* Stitched Bunny. I ALWAYS wear them like this.. it's different!

That is all you lovely readers! I hope the rest of the week is so so amazing to you. Lastly, I deticate this blog post to Jane. I miss you and adore you Janey <3

Stay sweet,
Riley Sapphore


  1. So so cute riles! I love your LOTD's and the mix and match.

    but im going to have that song in my head now :P


  2. <333 LOVE YOOOU Franniepie <3 tysm. Best song ever <.<

  3. aww my favorite veggan ( i think thats what you guys are called) awesome post <3333 and yes, I love the hair at Love Soul, its adorable!!

  4. hehe Vegetarian, I eat cheese :P. BUT omg right? Love Soul is well... LOVE <3