Friday, March 9, 2012

A LOTD and some other adorable (50L!) deals.

[Hair] - Elikatira - With.
[Outfit] - Candy - IScream.
[Sock Puppets] (!!!) - Cute Bytes - Royal (most adorable accessory ever; I might not ever take them off! There's a typing override in them that makes them.. you know, converse. :D)
[Pouf] - Sassafras - Plaid Pouf (birds) - 50L today!

Here's some of the items on the 50L Friday /kids/ list today, that I loved. :)

[Hair] - Elikatira - Just.
[Outfit] - Larnia Kids - Cape Cod - 50L today!
[Pose] - This is a Fawn - Date with the Night.

[Hair] - Elikatira - Other.
[Outfit] - Absolute Girls - Tulip - 50L today!
[Pose] - Peace1, by abby McDonnagh. (check out her poses at Sassafras!)

[Hair] - Elikatira - About.
[Outfit] - Candii Kitten - Jess - 50L today!
[Pose] - The Kid Company - MiniMawdul 9.

Cute stuff, huh? Oh, and all my pictures were taken on the Nantucket Yacht Club sim. They're got public sailing, and I didn't see one single shark. :)

Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Janey.