Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy (50L) Friday!

Here's a ton of the items on the 50L list, in two pictures. :)

On me!
[Hair] - Fri.Day - Jennifer.3
[Outfit] - Larnia Kids - Pretty Plaid. (with dress or capris option!) (50L)

Fun 50L Stuff!
[Wall Art] - Whimzie by Lishi - Simple & Precious. (50L)
[Toy Hammock] - Abby Lane. (50L)
[Readable Book] - Spronkwing's - "Walk the Dog." (50L)
[Spilled Cereal] - Gigglebox - Oops! Messios. (50L)
[Happy Couch!] - Sassafras - Be Happy Sofa. (with TEN sits!) (50L) 


On me!
[Hair] - Truth - Velvet.
[Outfit] - Inner Peace - Berry Lovely. (50L)

On mine Mommykins (who just woke up when I dragged her to do this picture! She brushed her hair for you guys, though. :P )
[Hair] - Elikatira - Details.
[Top & Accessories] - Ducknipple - Cherry Bomb.
[Capris] - Aura - Dark Blue Stonewash 3/4 Jeans.

Our adorable pose: The Kid Company - Mommy Kisses - (50L)

Have a super-fun weekend!
xoxo, Janey

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