Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!! Wooo I'm back... I think... well at least hope. Its been pretty crazy lately, but lets get to this blog!!! How many out there have new years resolutions??? How long do you think they last for most people? I figure, why not make some myself.

1. Don't shove things up my nose and doodling on myself

I don't really know if its boredom or just plain... well being me. I tend to just stick things up my nose, KNOWING that it doesn't have a good outcome. I know I'm suppose to keep the pencils for school, but its Christmas break!!! Man that candy cane though, ouch!!! It hurt taking it out!!! And the deal with the fake moustache was, I tried to look older to get into a movie that was PG13, but realized... its really not good for a female to have one of these. So the plan just doesn't work!!! I was caught red handed!

Pencil: Reek (only on marketplace now)
Moustache: Mad'
Candy Cane: KeWt KiD

2. Don't Take What Isn't Yours... (Santa's Cookies)
I know a lot of people have on their list is to lose weight or to start to work out. Well sadly, I have that now as mine too. Why??? Because I knew that others left cookies or snacks out for Santa on Christmas Eve. So I snuck around to a couple houses, knowing that they'd leave some yummy stuff for him and eat the cookies. I understand the word Karma. I was just trying to help out Santa though!!! I replaced his cookies with healthy carrots... I'm glad I have these dumbbells from Reek (only found on Marketplace now)

3. Learn to Share!
Back off Marie... my cupcake!!! Ok ok, this new years resolution is gonna be a bit hard for me!!! I mean with a cupcake so yummy as this, who wants to share it? But then I think of new years resolution #2... and maybe I can share a bit of my sweets!!!

Outfits: Jennica at Babydolls Boutique

4. Learn How to Lose Graceful!!!
Takes a BIG breath... this is the worst. Just learning HOW to lose is hard for me. Since... LoWi WiNs!!! But I'm going to try my hardest to not flip the greedy table over if I lose or stand up before the game is done and scream. ... *starts to itch just thinking of this* I gotta stop... typing b/c I'm allergic to losing... so this one. I just can't.. gotta.. nooooooooo LOWI WINS!!! AHHHH RUNS!!!

HUGS!!! Happy belated new years to everyone. I hope you all had a safe and fun night!
If you have any resolutions... post below!!!

Shout out: Santa... thanks for putting me on the good list somehow!!!


  1. Lowi, I love this post! Sharing is hard. Very very hard!!