Friday, January 7, 2011

Ohai - 50 Linden Friday!!!!

::: Welcome to this weeks 50L Friday with Mcke....uhh..*looks around* We..Uhh are sitting/standing in for Kenzie this week, she"safe" in a secret location that we can't disclose and unable to get to a pen and paper *nods*. start off this new year I took along my bestie and yourrrrrr cosmic scribbles blogger- Kayddddddddddia! *Cues Claps* *This week was full of lots of excitement and if I write this word, I am sure I will be fired from guest writing but.......... OMGGGGG 8 DAYS 13 HOURS and 17 MINUTES! *Composes herself*! Okies so word on the street says the - - - - word is coming really fast and kid designers were ready to keep up with the demand!! First stop, I caught up with Darla, we must keep her last name secret to protect the innocent, cause she mights be found and asked to confirm this interview and the nice things she said about us o.O

Jayden Riverstone takes out her [hairbrush] microphone "Jayden Riverstone -
Cosmic Scribbles TV - "How would you say overall how this weeks 50L Friday is?"
Darla D [Smith]: Well... *clears my throat* I [heart] all the you being here and stuffs
because I AM SO EXCITED.[I think Jayden is the best reporter and the coolest!!]
Jayden Riverstone: Well thank you Darla [Smith] for our...long interview :)
It was my pleasure!!

Next stop was one of my favorite places, Zosma Island where there
was a jackpot of designers just happenins to sit around
talking about how cool Kaydia and I am! I was able to get a rare
interview with Candii Kitten Designer - Candii Destiny and Cindy Lu
from another favorite store Gigglebox!

Jayden Riverstone sticks her brush mic in candiis face
Candii Destiny: HUGS
Candii Destiny pokes Jayden's nose
Candii Destiny: whaaattt?
Jayden Riverstone: How have you found this weeks 50L friday so far?
Candii Destiny: Good!
Jayden Riverstone: Lots of people visitings your store now that I came in?
Candii Destiny: Yes
Jayden Riverstone: And...would you said, they are mildly excited
- crazily excited to see me?
Candii Destiny: EXCITED
Candii Destiny: People are like all over da place
Jayden Riverstone makes a face *Giggles*
Jayden Riverstone: for this interview, may I quote you?
Candii Destiny: lmao i didnt realize u were interviewing me *ROFL*
Jayden Riverstone: *Giggles* *Facepalms*
*End of interview, as I was escorted off the property*

Cindy Lu: jayden
Jayden Riverstone: mhm!
[Cindy Lu: you can quote this
Cindy Lu: "~+*☆*Candii*☆*+.~ your fired..."
Candii Destiny: Yes, you may. People are super excited about you
being here and everyone at the Zosma sim is trying to put lotsa stuffs out
Candii Destiny: to make Jayden HAPPY because shes the bestestest!
Jayden Riverstone: CINDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Way up there
Jayden Riverstone raises her hairbrush
Jayden Riverstone: HOW IS SALES???????
[Please wait while cindy discussed her technical difficulties] and we are back...
Cindy Lu: so not so good
Jayden Riverstone: Does you think the economy goes up during my visit here or
slows down?
Riley Sapphire laughs
Jayden Riverstone: may i quotes you *Giggles*
Cindy Lu: Hmm......
[KAYDIAA Im getting an important interview, geez - some besties]
Kaydia Jewell's teleport lure is to (M)
Cindy Lu: Its hard to say an hour in to your visit
Jayden Riverstone: okay good!!!!
Jayden Riverstone: I will quote it exactly mhm! mhm mhm
Jayden Riverstone: :D
Riley Sapphire laughs

...So as you could see - the arrival of...ME is impacting a lot of sales this week
and everyone has been on their tippy toes,making sure everyone has enough
clothes, poses and thingamagigies! Here are some we found as must haves!!

First at Gigglebox - they have awesome bunkmates incase, you happen to
have a need for it but not 50L items, so please donts sends any complaints
lol but what IS 50L is the awesome Winter [Jayden Edit] PJs at Baby Couture
by Kylei Benoir!! * Points* Thats the PJs and thats a headrush!! We also have an
awesome PANDA outfit from Amame Kids!! [Pronounced A Mommy' but has
a cool meaning] *giggles, don't ask!*

Up Nexty is another pose of Amame's outfit thingamagy and Gigglebox's Space
Heater..buts, I learned the hard way that these belong FAR ways from snowman
and melty thingys! This was a bad idea...! Poor Frosty :(

No worries though, my toes did eventually defrost for those all
worried about me :P I dids however bring it indoors to my bunk
and warmed up there! It also helped that I had on the warmest
coolest outfit by Larnia kids who each week I depend on to make
my wardrobe for the week :D Plus, they also gots bunk mates,
and winter poses that would be great for ca..
something wintery and fun and yeah!!  Also Kenzie DID send in a picture of Aiyden
wearing the boys outfit from Larnia Kids!

\o/!!! Okies soooo, now I am sure I bored you all ... but I
gotta few more things to say!! IF you ever have a need to pack up
suitcases and need a cuddly pink elephant nearby to laugh at you... 

 OR if you parents won't let you leave their sights for 5 minutes,
MAMA!!!!!!!! Make sure you visit
Candii Kids!!! *Takes a break to gather her suitcases, heres Kaydia!!*

Heeeeey it's KAYDIA!   I know, I know... it's been centuries since I've said a word
in Scribbles buut what better way to get back in the groove of my writing! Jayden is guest
blogging and so I am her guest bloggerer >.> is that word? *gets distracted*
I found my invite to the Hardknock Winter [Jayden Edit] group and screamed my head
off so I ran arounds my godmama's house like the blonde boy in
Home Alone and theeeeeen I climbed the kitchen table and did some dancing...
singing this song. Please join me.....
I'm going to [Jayden Edit]... la la la I'm going to [Jayden Edit] la la la... let's hear for the
counselors them am the bestest lalalaaaaa.... *bows* 
Godsissy Chels caughts a snapshot of me,
she was hiding in the potato sack next to the kitchen island.
Oi! Her's lucky no one thought her head was a tato.     Yes I dance good, just in case you were wondering. I went 50L
Friday shoppin with mine gals and we rocked it like normals. Abooooove I am wearing
the Jayden Outfit [Cause shes the best]
from Inner Peace!! It's black an silvery zebra print and a speciality for all yew girly girls
out there! It allllllso comes with the light purplish boots for winter.
All the fashionistas say you gotta pop a color an those boots
am poppin it! Love it! Alright, *yawns an scratches mine tummy*
it's time for beds. Sweet dreams! 
Ciao Mein Noodles!   <3>

*JAYDEN TAKES OVER* Thank you Bestie!!!

She trying to say that word, but nooooooo way..
Now that she is done, I want to say thank you to
Kenzie for letting me take over her spot,
Riley for helping me out, Kaydia for being the limo service
and my mama for being my body guard!
I also wanna thank, Chelsea for making
her new outfit, Candii, Cindy, Darla, and Giselle
...for letting me interview em!!

I QUIT! I have learned this job is WAYYYYYYYY
hard, and a lotta work, so you
and I will be happy to 
have kenzie back next week <33

Loveeeeee Jayden Riverstone
(and that girl Kaydia!!)
(Sorry for the text everywhere, lol and
see you at CAMPPPPPPPPPP!!!)


  1. You guy are dorks but I love you!! Awesome and amazingly fun post!! <333

  2. Awesome job You sure you dont wanna take over for me<3333 thanks for fillin in !

  3. Oh my gossshhh, hehehe, I loved this! >.> Is that really what I saids last night? (thinking)

  4. Haha I loved it! And I won't sue for changing my words! Haha <33333