Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Guide to C... A... M ... P and Other Stuff

First off thanks to Jayden and Kaydia who covered for me last week I sooo appreciate it and they rock, So they are more then welcome to come back and sub for me anytime!

Hey There Peoples! If you are like me there is one thing on your mind right about now and that is C...a... I dunno if I should finish that sentence... *looks up at the stars* ooo sorry shiny moment! Anyways back to what we were talking about C..a..M...p... and even if your not going to camp there is alot of things you can use for family vacations and other things.. Let's get started!!! Here it is your guide to camp.. First off Pranks, and who cant use a good prank at any time of the year not jus camp time , This one from Lacie cakes has a spraying skunk, and a bear .. not to mention anything else we might need for the long cold winter nights. *points* seee alla that candy we hadda eat tonite! *peeks down below and points* Oh look its yellow snow how can you not be the popular one with this awesometastic fun snowcone booth, comes complete with writing and the stand! (jus touch to get a yellow snowcone) I know i know this is an awesome thing we all need for winter time.. or save it for the long hot summer. * you can get that at Whimzie.
After I gave away snow cones to the people in the neighborhood. Your next step to a successful camp is games! I came inside for a cute game of "Pickup Sticks" This cuteness picture pose is made by Hopskotch so check it out there .

Next Packing.. You have to have all the neccesary items in that suitcase. We were so excited that we hadda start packing because its only One more sleep to camp, and we were no where ready for it, So we packed alla our stuff in all the luggage we got from, Sprinkle and Bingles, Rawr Muffinz, and Candii Kitten and we totally shoved I think alla the candy n cookies, and toys and everything else we could think of see we are ready to go now! Here we go with clothes, and things you need for camp and in general, If you know me you know I love clothes and shopping so here it is * looks round for the picture* oh here these two outfits are from Larnia kids, called Kenzie and Zebra, and they are must haves for any closet.. Cute and wintery, awesometastic! and not just because its named after me... *grins big fanks Rory* Nowwww everyone needs jammies no matter what time of year it is, and these are totally cute, made by Amame, you get your choice of three, one made for camp. They rock acourse and would totally keep you warm on those cold nights of sneakin outta the cabins.. *lissens for mine mom to be coming* ohhhh I mean on those cold nights inside the cabin getting to know our cabin mates and following alla the rules * Smiles * We totally figured out the best way to prepare for camp is to start by practicing our pillowfighting...

Now when you totally makes a mess outta the cabin you need to go and hide and where else to hide but in the fort made by Elsewhere.. Hide good because we all know that the councelors try to think they are sneaky... but we totally outsmart them right.. Now along with hideable places your gonna want cabin decorations and a good place to start is this star rug from tuft. It has several poses and more then one of you and your friends can sit on it at a time. Camp decorations are a must because you can get best cabin decoration awards really! So make sure you take the time to do that. Now you know how to take on camp!

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